Executive Team


Dr. Terry O'Brien

Dr Terry O’Brien AM, Ph.D., B.E. (Civil) (Hons), D.I.C. (Lond), F.I.E. Aust

Founder and Executive Director

Dr O’Brien is the innovator of the first DUKC® system. He began his career as an academic with an expertise in cable structures and mooring systems. He established OMC International in 1987 to develop his ship motion model into working systems for moored and free moving ships.

Throughout his long and distinguished career he has been the recipient of many awards for his academic and professional achievements and worked alongside leaders in the maritime industry both overseas and domestically. Dr O’Brien has been invited to contribute to leading international bodies developing new industry guidelines and standards for ship navigation and channel design.

In June 2015, in the Queen’s Birthday Honours List, Dr Terry O’Brien was appointed a Member (AM) of the Order of Australia for “significant service to maritime engineering, to the development of innovative marine navigation equipment and to education”. 

Peter O'Brien CEO

Peter O’Brien MBA, MSc (Dist), B.Eng (Hons)

Chief Executive Officer

Peter has a Masters of Science Degree (Distinction) in Port and Coastal Engineering from IHE Delft, The Netherlands and has completed an Executive MBA at Melbourne Business School. He has more than 20 years experience in many aspects of maritime and civil engineering and has been with OMC for more than 15 years. He is responsible for the day to day operation of the company. OMC International now employs more than 50 staff dedicated to customising, installing and supporting DUKC® systems in ports and waterways worldwide.



Leadership Team


Laurence Benn

Laurence Benn BE (Civil) (Hons)

Principal Engineer of Critical Projects

Laurence Benn is the Principal Engineer of Critical Projects at OMC International. He has gained extensive experience in the development, implementation, delivery and support of of DUKC® systems, and wide range of consulting services.


executive one

Brendan Curtis MIEAust CPEng CPA, MBA

General Manager of Business Development & Sales

Brendan is the General Manager of Business Development & Sales. Prior to his current role, he spent 5 years in Perth as senior engineer and the Western Australia manager.  For over a decade, Brendan has worked with ports in managing shipping risk and optimising throughput.  He has extensive experience in vessel motion analysis, channel design and dredge optimisation, and developing and implementing strategy as it relates to improving navigational safety and increasing port efficiency.


Joe Healy

Joe Healy, BE (Civil) (Hons), BSc (Maths), JD

Principal of Technology

Joe is the Principal Engineer in Technology at OMC International. He has extensive experience in the development, implementation, delivery and support of DUKC® and UKCM systems. Additional skills include MetOcean processing and QA systems, with particular focus on wave and tide processing.


Chris Hens

Chris Hens MSc, BSc (Maritime Technology)

General Manager of Product Design & Development


Chris Hens is the General Manager Product Design & Development at OMC International. He has extensive experience in software Product Management and Project Management as well as DUKC® System implementations, ship motion analysis and vessel passing studies.


Dr. Giles Lesser

Dr Giles Lesser PhD, MSc. (Dist), B.Eng. (Hons)

General Manager of Marketing

Giles is a Senior Coastal Engineer with 20 years’ experience in coastal and civil engineering and coastal science. Particular expertise includes the development and application of numerical models of coastal processes including waves, tides, storm surges, sediment transport, moored ship motions, and harbour resonance.


Greg Hibbert_2

Gregory Hibbert MIEAust, CPEng, BE, BCs

Research Manager

Gregory is a Chartered member of Engineers Australia, Senior Engineer and Research Department Manager at OMC International. He has extensive experience in innovation, development and verification of environmental prediction models, full-scale vessel motion measurements and analysis techniques. Gregory took a lead role in the development of the OMC iHeave® device which subsequently won the 2012 IBJ award for Innovation.


Gordon Lindsay

Gordon Lindsay B.Sc. (Computer Technology)

Principal of Software Engineering

Gordon is a Senior Software Engineer with 17 years experience in product design, development, implementation, maintenance and support of real-time DUKC® and BWS systems.
Gordon is the Manager of the Product Development section and has been in this role for seven years. He is also the Principal of Software Engineering, responsible for overseeing and leading software development across the company. Prior to this he was the Maintenance and Support Section Manager at OMC for four years.


Cpt. Jonathon Pearce

Captain Jonathon Pearce Master Mariner GDipM (Marine) MNI AFRIN

Senior Pilotage Advisor

Jonathon Pearce is the European Business Development Manager and Senior Pilotage Advisor.  He has gained extensive experience in the utilisation, and implementation, of DUKC® systems worldwide.


Jason Ryan

Jason Ryan B.E. (Aerospace)

IT Department Manager

Jason Ryan is the IT Systems Manager at OMC International. He has over 20 years professional experience in Information Technology including systems infrastructure, desktop/laptop, networking, communications, internal helpdesk and operational systems helpdesk support. Experience includes deployment and support of OMC applications on client infrastructure, hosted infrastructure and private/public cloud infrastructure.


Ronnie Saunders

Ronnie Saunders BEng (Civil), BSc (Pathology)

General Manager of Customer Operations

Ronnie Saunders is a Senior Engineer and General Manager of Customer Operations at OMC International. He has extensive experience in bathymetric analysis, system diagnosis, port operations and spatial systems. His role requires him to regularly liaise with clients to ensure the safety, accuracy and efficieny of Dynamic Under Keel Clearance (DUKC®) systems worldwide.


Andreas Schlichting

Andreas Schlichting MMathSci, BE (Electronic Systems) (Hons 2B), BAppSc (Computing)

Senior Software Engineer

Andreas Schlichting is a Senior Software Engineer at OMC International. He has extensive experience in software development, software team leadership, software project management, ISO quality management, and DUKC® System implementation.




Dr. Matthew Turner

Dr Matthew Turner PhD, MBA, MSc. (Dist), B.Eng. (Hons), BSc

General Manager of Delivery & Service

Matthew is the General Manager for Delivery and Services at OMC. A Senior Engineer with over ten years’ experience in coastal engineering and coastal science and project management in international settings. Particular expertise includes the development and application of numerical models of coastal processes including tides and currents, the forecasting of environmental conditions, assimilation of forecasts into coastal numerical models and Monte Carlo risk analysis. 





Allison Wilkinson B.Com. (Accounting & Marketing), Dip HR, Dip Management, CAHRI

General Manager of Corporate Services & Strategy

Allison has experience in a broad variety of fields including strategy, finance, human resources, marketing and quality management.
Allison has more than 20 years’ finance experience with both Australian and international taxes, as well as quality management, ISO certification and marketing;
In addition, Allison is a recognised CAHRI member of the Australian Human Resources Institute and has over 10 years’ experience in developing and leading strategic and operational planning frameworks and organisational development.
Before joining OMC International Allison spent 12 years working for the multinational company Hewlett-Packard.