Professional support for traditional-UKC ports

Convenient, reliable, auditable

If your port hasn’t made the step to DUKC® and you are unsure of the safety of your traditional UKC rule, or maybe you simply want to efficiently and professionally manage your static UKC calculations, then KeelCheck provides the best support you can get.

KeelCheck: Don’t guess, check!

At many ports, traditional UKC rules are just that – traditions. Hard to change, with the origins long since forgotten. Simple to calculate, but will their use be justifiable if the unthinkable should occur? Provided by under-keel clearance management experts, OMC International, KeelCheck allows ports operating a traditional UKC rule to more professionally assess their grounding risk.

Peace of mind.

Most of the time traditional UKC rules are simple and rather conservative, but when conditions get rough it comes down to judgement and experience to avoid catastrophe. New trades, new ships, or channel deepening bring new concerns: Is our traditional UKC rule still valid
under these new conditions? Address these concerns using online KeelCheck calculators and record your estimates in professional Master-Pilot information exchange UKC reports.

A professional solution.

They may be simple, but even traditional UKC calculations shouldn’t be stored on scraps of paper. KeelCheck helps port and pilotage teams share results and ensure they are retained for audit purposes.

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