Container ship


DUKC® systems are highly configurable and OMC’s team of experienced engineers tailor it to the specific needs of our clients.





Platform Solution

Drawn from in-depth technical engineering expertise, this module forms the core of the DUKC® system, with solutions tailored to the needs of the port or waterway and able to handle a range of situations with a simple Base module or a very complex Dynamic Ocean module.

There are three Platform Solution options.
Each package can be tailored to the needs of the port and port users.

Base module

It provides static Under Keel Clearance (UKC) modelling, with the same rules for all ship types and optional customised UKC rule, usually 10-30% of a ship’s draft.

Dynamic Sheltered module

It provides dynamic UKC designed for sheltered waters i.e. no waves

Dynamic Ocean module

It is designed for exposed waters, incorporates the same features as Sheltered but includes ship wave motions and optional wave forecasting.