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OMC’s wide-ranging Under Keel Clearance (UKC) management services and delivery of innovative products ensure it remains a world leader in the maritime industry.

OMC engineers offer smarter services for safer shipping

Melbourne-based OMC is still the only company to model ships dynamically to accurately calculate the UKC for shipping regulators and pilots. Its DUKC® technology ensures that a ship cannot sail unless it is safe to do so, and it may also deliver huge cost savings and vital environmental protection by maximising total tide tonnage and also reducing the risk of ship groundings.

OMC’s knowledge of hydrodynamics, ship dynamics and experience in system delivery provides a proven model of UKC management. The company’s DUKC® technology, which was first installed in Queensland’s Hay Point coal terminal in 1993, continues to bring significant economic and safety benefits to ports and waterways around the world, including Port Hedland which is the world’s largest bulk export port and the ecologically sensitive international waters of Torres Strait. DUKC® has an enviable safety record of more than 22 years.

OMC’s team of dedicated profes­sionals is also uniquely experi­enced in working with Harbour Masters, pilots, port authorities and shippers to determine their UKC needs.

Under the direction of Executive Director Dr Terry O’Brien and CEO Peter O’Brien, OMC’s highly experienced staff of maritime and software engineers deliver a range of services including:

  • UKC management solutions
  • Optimised dredging for cost effective channel design
  • Dynamic mooring system analysis
  • Berth Warning System design
  • Ship motion analysis
  • Risk management studies
  • Met ocean modelling
  • Support
  • Forecasting

“OMC’s willingness to listen to their customers and earnestly address concerns as well as seeking innovative solutions to the challenges presented by ports, I believe, has allowed them to grow and develop into an internationally recognised leader in their field.”

Captain Lindsay Copeman, Harbour Master, Port Hedland Port Authority, 2009.