LOCAL: OMC wins Canadian contract

Australian maritime engineering firm OMC International (OMC) has won a contract in Canada for its DUKC® electronic navigation system to be used on the St Lawrence River.

Executive director Dr Terry O’Brien said a customised, web-based DUKC® Series-5 system for the draught-restricted section of the St Lawrence River from Montreal to Quebec City is expected to be operational next year as part of the Montreal Port Authority (MPA) and Canadian Coast Guard (CCG) integrated e-Navigation solution for river.

The DUKC® system is expected to allow the possibility of loading more cargo safely in shallower water.

Dr O’Brien said about 400 ships a year sail to and from Montreal and are expected now to sail under DUKC® advice.

Montreal is reported to be the world’s largest inland port and Canada’s largest container port.

The St Lawrence River DUKC® system is to be operated by three main parties, the MPA, the CCG and the Corporation of Mid St Lawrence Pilots (CPSLC).

The bilingual, web-based system will be hosted in the CCG’s Operational Network (OpNet) in Quebec City where it will be integrated with other live environmental and vessel-traffic systems.

Users will access the web-based system from positions such as the port control and VTS centres in Montreal and Quebec City, as well as on board ships transiting the river.

OMC is to team with two Canadian sub-contractors in this project. They are NavSim, the PPU suppliers to the pilots and XST, the Vessel Traffic Management and Information System (VTMIS) suppliers to the Canadian Coast Guard.

Reprinted with permission from Lloyd’s List Australia 

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