Use of web-based decision support technology for in-transit under-keel clearance management

The Dynamic Under Keel Clearance System (DUKC®) is a real time under-keel clearance (UKC) system used by ports and shallow waterways to maximise port productivity and safety. The DUKC® considers all factors that affect the UKC of a vessel transiting a channel to determine the minimum safe UKC requirements.

With a track record of 19 years and more than 60,000 vessel transits globally without incident, DUKC® has a strong history as an operational tool. OMC has now developed the next generation of the DUKC® product suite, DUKC® Series 5, which integrates the proven core calculation engines from previous DUKC® releases with a new web interface thus allowing easy accessibility to the system for approved users world-wide. DUKC® users are now able to successfully execute under keel clearance related tasks via the web rather than the traditional desktop-based user interface. Further the DUKC® Series 5 seamlessly interfaces probabilistic UKC planning (maximum draught & tidal windows) up to 12 months in advance with short term transit planning utilising real time environmental and vessel specific information and also with UKC monitoring throughout the transit to deep water.

This paper outlines important features of this next generation product suite through example outputs selected from three waterways for which DUKC® Series 5 developments have been completed: the international waterway through Torres Strait between North Queensland and Papua New Guinea and the port approach channels into Port Hedland, Western Australia and the Port of Melbourne, Victoria.

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