2020 Year in Review

DUKC® Installation
Saqr (UAE) DUKC® commissioned for RAK Ports.

UKC study conducted for Gisborne, NZ.

Miros Installation

Installation of Miros at Hay Point, QLD.

DUKC® Upgrade

DUKC® system upgrade for Port Taranaki, NZ.

Depth Analysis

Depth optimisation analysis for Mistaken Island, WA.

Dredge Analysis

Dredge optimisation analysis for the deep draft tanker route at Geelong, VIC.


Passing vessel interaction study for RG Tanna berths, QLD.


UKC & accessibility study for Lucky Bay, WA. 

UKCM Upgrade

AMSA UKCM upgrade for Torres Strait.

BerthAlert Installation

Alcoa (Kwinana, WA) BerthAlert commissioned.


UKC assessment for ULCC at TangerMed, Morocco.


Dynamic mooring analysis for Port Adelaide Outer Harbour berths, SA.

DUKC® Upgrade

DUKC® upgrade for Marsden Point / Whangerai, NZ.


Mooring and passing vessel interaction study for Port Hedland, WA.


Bluff UKC Study.

Dredge Analysis

Dredge optimisation analysis for Saqr Port, UAE.

Mooring Analysis

Dynamic mooring analysis for the Smith Bay Floating Wharf study at Kangaroo Island, SA.

BerthAlert Upgrade

BerthAlert upgrade for Hay Point, QLD.

Mooring Analysis

Assessment of alternative mooring arrangements for the Dampier Cargo Wharf, WA.

Miros Installation

Installation of Miros at Abbot Point, QLD.

PortWeather Installation

PortWeather commissioned for Lyttelton, NZ.

PortWeather Installation

PortWeather commissioned for Wellington, NZ.

2020 Client Records

JAN Saqr
Draft Record

The first ship sailing under the new DUKC® system at Saqr Port had a draft of 12.76m, 56cm deeper than the previous maximum draft.

Draft Record

The Ganga K sails from Saqr port with a new record draft of 12.83m.

Draft Record

At a draft of 12.85m, Elbabe becomes the deepest draft vessel to sail out of Saqr port, 65cm deeper than the static draft.

MAR Melbourne
Ship Record

MSC Pamela calls to Melbourne, at a length of 336.7m and beam of 45.7m, it makes her the largest container ship to successfully berth at Swanson Dock.

APR Fremantle
Draft Record

At a draft of 14.7m and displacement of 138,820 tonnes, the MSC Sindy set a new record for the  deepest vessel ever to depart Fremantle Inner Harbour.

JUN Port Hedland
Tonnage Record

The Port of Port Hedland reported a record-breaking monthly throughput of 51.7Mt for iron ore; the first time the port exceeded 50Mt throughput for the month.

Port Hedland
Tonnage Record

Annual iron ore exports at the Port of Port Hedland totalled 531.5Mt, an increase of 24.9Mt or five per cent from the previous year.

AUG Saqr
Draft Record

On August 10th, the MV Soho Mandate loaded a cargo of Clinker at Berth 12 in the Inner Harbour of Saqr Port with a final draft of 13.02m, allowing the vessel to load approximately 7000t of additional cargo.

OCT Saqr
Draft Record

On October 15th, the ASIA RUBY sets a record draft of 13.1m for Saqr Port.

NOV Melbourne
Ship Record

The MSC Rachele arrived with a displacement of 123,900 mt, the heaviest vessel ever for East Swanson dock.

2020 Testimonials

“[OMC’s] professional approach and high level of technical knowledge has made the whole project a pleasure to work on. The impact on the berth is now well understood and early warning processes allow for timely decision making and ultimately much safer outcomes.“
Peter Hughes, Operations Area Manager
Alcoa, October 2020
"We would like to emphasize that the invaluable DUKC® system has assisted vessel owners & operators to load more cargo and earn extra freight to stay competitive in today's demanding market."
Matthew K George,
National Shipping Services (UAE), September 2020
"The loading plan under DUKC® has always been smoothly coordinated by RAK ports with no safety challenges or risks to the ships keel touching bottom at any point of time, whilst loading the maximum possible cargo. This system has proven to benefit various stakeholders intending to maximize their cargo intake per call, resulting in freight benefits for vessel operators and savings for charterers in terms of more cargo received per shipment."
Errol Seaman, General Manager Southern Gulf
Inchcape Shipping Services, September 2020
“While efficient, Pilbara Ports Authority has also sought to be innovative, and has invested in world-leading projects and maritime technologies to maximise port efficiency and safety. These have allowed for the management of larger vessels, increasing vessel draft and increasing loaded capacity on vessels, while reducing risk.”
Roger Johnston, CEO
Pilbara Ports Authority, September 2020
“My involvement with the PortWeather data presentation website began at the first stage - what do we as pilots want to see and how do we want to see it. The end product is a fantastic aid to decision making and planning of passages where wind, weather, tidal height and currents play a role - in Melbourne and Geelong that is every piloted ship!"
Captain Toby Shelton
Port Phillip Sea Pilots, July 2020
"PPSP is proud to have collaborated with OMC International for the implementation of a DUKC® program in order to expand our ports’ capabilities. We now bring tankers drawing up to 14.7 metres through the notorious Port Phillip Heads, and pilot 100,000 DWT containerships up to 337 metres in length and 48-metres in width up the Yarra River to the container terminals at Swanson Dock, a facility originally built to handle vessels of just 227 metres."
Port Phillip Sea Pilots
June 2020 (DCN Magazine)
“It’s great to see innovative Australian technology delivering world class safety and huge economic value for our resources sector.”
"“Resource and energy exports are vital to Australia’s economy and it’s essential to ensure safety of shipping whilst optimising throughput. DUKC® is facilitating ports to achieve this.”
Hon Keith Pitt MP
Minister for Resources, Water and Northern Australia, April 2020
"MSC Sindy set a new record being the deepest-draft ship ever to depart Fremantle Inner Harbour. The 336.7m Sindy has a draft of 14.6m. While the harbour is dredged to 14.7m...our DUKC system made it possible for the ship to transit safety out of the Inner Harbour. Fremantle can handle the largest container ships visiting Australia."
David Heppingstone, Acting Harbour Master
Fremantle Ports, March 2020


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