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DUKC® is a world leading real-time aid to navigation that allows the shipping of more cargo, more safely, more often.

DUKC®‘s previous releases have helped more than 140,000 ships safely move in and out of ports, delivering more than $15 billion in economic benefits to port users worldwide.

Dynamic Under-keel Clearance from OMC International on Vimeo.



OMC has now developed the next generation of the DUKC®solution, DUKC®Series 5, which integrates the proven core calculation engine from previous DUKC® releases with a new web interface. DUKC® users can now successfully execute under keel clearance related tasks via the web rather than the traditional desktop-based user interface.

The DUKC® Series 5 software consists of several modules integrated behind a web-based user interface. Each module is self-contained, developed and tested under ISO standards, and proven in the unforgiving world of maritime operations. The modules can be arranged and configured to help manage under keel clearance (UKC) related problems ranging from long-term voyage planning to real-time onboard pilotage applications and to the monitoring of numerous ships in real-time within a VTS environment.

At the heart of the DUKC®Series 5 software solution is a pair of critical engines: an Environmental Forecast Engine and a UKC Calculation Engine. Each engine consists of tested and proven sub-components, pioneered by OMC’s Founder and Executive Director Dr Terry O’Brien AM, which have been operating without incident for more than 22 years since the first installation in 1993.



DUKC® is comprised of five solutions that follow the life-cycle of a ship movement:

  1. Module for base configuration Platform
  2. Module for appraisal and Planning
  3. Module for execution and monitoring during Sailing
  4. Module for auditing and archiving through OMC’s Data
  5. Module for  System admin

A flexible DUKC® solution can be specifically tailored for any shipping or port requirement by selecting the most appropriate components from across these modules.

DUKC® is a value adding tool, and the greatest benefits can be gained when more modules are selected to form a customised DUKC® system. At Port Hedland, for example, the new web-based DUKC® Series 5, coupled with a targeted dredge campaign based on OMC advice and a revised tidal model, yielded an extra 71cm draft on an average ship which equates to around $1.1 million over and above the benefits from DUKC® Series 4 for that ship.