DUKC® – Celebrating 23 years of safety.


  • 150,000 sailings under DUKC®  advice
  • October 3: OMC announces that it has signed a strategic alliance agreement with New Zealand-based MetOcean Solutions to coordinate research and development efforts and offer an expanded level of maritime forecasting and hydrodynamic services to port and harbour clients.
  • August 20: Cyprus-flagged ship Efraim A is the deepest draft bulker to visit the Port of Geelong with a draft of 11.9 metres.
  • August 13: Singapore-flagged aframax tanker Phoenix Advance becomes the deepest-draft ship to call at the Port of Geelong with a draft of 11.9 metres – previously 11.6 metres was considered the limit.
  • February 2: Exxon chartered Felicity tanker ship with a draft of 14.5 metres – the deepest draft ship to visit Melbourne – docks at Gelibrand berth after a transit into port.



  • 130,000 sailings under DUKC® advice
  • Arrium Mining sets new record for the most tonnes loaded aboard an export cape vessel. The MV ‘FPMC B Nature 380’ was loaded with nearly 205,700 wet metric tonnes (wmt) of iron ore for export, exceeding Arrium’s previous record by more than 1000wmt. This cape was also the deepest ship to have sailed under DUKC® advice, allowing an extra 3500wmt of iron ore to be loaded.
  • November 16: at an awards ceremony dinner in Antwerp, OMC is named Winner of the 2015 IBJ Safety in Bulk Handling (Marine) Award for its maritime technology.
  • June 8: In the Queen’s Birthday Honours List, Dr Terry O’Brien is appointed a Member (AM) of the Order of Australia for “significant service to maritime engineering, to the development of innovative marine navigation equipment and to education”.
  • June 3: Victorian Regional Channels Authority (VRCA) announces it has adopted DUKC® technology to safely allow larger ships with more cargo to access the Geelong Port.
  • May 6: at an awards ceremony dinner in London, OMC is named Runner-Up in the 2015 Seatrade ‘Innovation in Ship Operations’ Award for its web-based DUKC® Series 5 system.
  • March: OMC announces that it has signed a contract with Arrium Limited, for a DUKC® system to enhance the safety and efficiency of capesize ships travelling down the Spencer Gulf. This is OMC’s first South Australian installation but also, more significantly, this is the first time that a DUKC® is being used for a transhipment operation.


  • 110,000 sailings under DUKC® advice
  • Nov 19: OMC Founder and Executive Director Dr Terry O’Brien AM is inducted into the Australian Maritime Hall of Fame for “making an outstanding contribution to Australia’s maritime industry” during an impressive career spanning more than 50 years
  • Nov: OMC’s DUKC® technology is a Finalist in the 2014 IBJ ‘Safety in Bulk Handling’ (Marine) Award
  • March: Port of Montreal commissions the DUKC® Series 5 system


  •  92,000 sailings under DUKC® advice
  • Dec: AMSA commissions the UKCM system for Torres Strait to be upgraded to include the Series 5 Chart Overlay service
  • Dec: PHPA commissions Series 5 for operational use
  • Nov: Napier Port Authority signs agreement to upgrade to the latest web-based DUKC® Series 5
  • Nov: Fremantle Port Authority signs agreement to upgrade to the latest web-based DUKC® Series 5
  • June 18: OMC announces it has won a major Canadian contract to install DUKC® navigation technology in St Lawrence River after more than 4 years of preliminary studies and visits.
  • June 17: OMC moves its Melbourne headquarters from Paterson St, Abbotsford to larger premises in Harper St, Abbotsford to house its increased staff hired in response to an expanding global workload and to allow for future growth. There are more than 40 staff, including 27 maritime and software engineers.
  • March: DUKC® turns 20! (Dr O’Brien’s first system was installed at Queensland’s Hay Point coal terminal in 1993)


  • 80,000 sailings under DUKC® advice
  • November 19: at an awards ceremony dinner in Hamburg, OMC iHeave® wins the 2012 IBJ ‘Innovative Technology’ (Marine) Award
  • October: Port Hedland signs 5-year ‘Platinum Package’ agreement to upgrade to the latest web-based DUKC® Series 5 and is the first client to have new products such as Optimiser and DUKC® Chart Overlay integrated into their customised system.
  • June: DUKC® Series 5 is announced 1st Runner-Up in the 2012 IHS Safety at Sea Awards for Engineering Excellence.


  • 70,000 sailings under DUKC® advice
  • June: AMSA accepts DUKC® Series 5 for operational use as a UKCM system in Torres Strait. AMSA is the first client to install DUKC® Series 5 which allows accessibility via the internet. This advanced functionality gives authorised users worldwide easier access to the system, thereby enhancing its use as an essential risk mitigation tool for UKC management. The new modular framework also enables users to access only the self-contained modules relevant to their specific needs, whether it be long-term voyage planning, real-time onboard pilotage applications, or shore-based monitoring of multiple vessels by VTS in real-time.
  • OMC wins its first North American contract, a DUKC® desktop study, for the Columbia River Bar, a treacherous waterway known as ‘The Graveyard of the Pacific’ because it has claimed about 2000 ships and 700 lives since 1792. The Columbia River Bar Pilots commissioned this study with funding from the Oregon Department of Transportation.



  •  60,000 sailings under DUKC® advice
  • November: IBJ honours Dr Terry O’Brien with its ‘Personality of the Year’ Award
  • June 16: Contract announced to install DUKC® management system in Rio Tinto’s Western Australian Cape Lambert port. This is OMC’s 21st DUKC® installation and is significant because Cape Lambert is Rio Tinto’s main growth port. This new contract also includes an extension of the existing DUKC® contract for Rio Tinto shipping operations at the port of Dampier.
  • June 14: In the Queen’s Birthday Honours List, OMC Founder and Executive Director Dr Terry O’Brien is awarded the Order of Australia Medal (OAM) for services to the maritime transport industry.



  • 50,000 sailings under DUKC® advice
  • Contract signed with the Federal Waterways Administration in Germany for DUKC® installations in the four ports of the lower and Outer Weser River, including Bremerhaven.
  • November 24: In Sydney, OMC wins the Lloyd’s List DCN 2009 Maritime Services Award “for its work in developing under keel clearance systems, which it has taken to international markets”.
  • June: DUKC® now operational in Victoria. OMC licenses DUKC® to the Port of Melbourne Corporation (PoMC) to help ensure the safety of large ships entering Port Phillip Heads, one of the most challenging waters for ship navigation to be found anywhere on earth. In extreme conditions, ships longer than 250 metres can plunge several metres downward. Having the safety of this system proven in these extreme waters shows that DUKC® technology is suitable for even the most challenging waterways worldwide.
  • June: DUKC® In-Transit wins the ‘Marine Civil Engineering and Construction’ category of the international Seawork 2009 Innovation Showcase Awards in the UK
  • May: OMC’s DUKC® In-Transit is Runner-Up in the international 2009 Seatrade Awards ‘Innovation in Ship Operations’ category in the UK.



  • DUKC® installed in the North Queensland port of Weipa
  • DUKC® VTS operational – a World first
  • October: New OMC office opens in the UK, reflecting the company’s growing workload in Europe.
  • October 16: More than 120 senior European delegates watch a real-time demonstration of the Portable Operational and Docking Support System (POADSS) – the next generation Portable Pilot Unit – in the Port of Lisbon where the DUKC® system has been operating since 2007. This POADSS In-Transit system was built from OMC’s DUKC® Portable Pilot Unit (PPU) product. As part of the European Union’s four-year Euro 20million Maritime Navigation and Information Services (MarNIS) research project, OMC is one of the five main partners developing the next generation PPU.
  • August: DUKC® emergency response capability with the power to minimise damage and delays is successfully tested for the first time when Port Hedland Port Authority requests OMC’s technical help in refloating a large bulk carrier the ‘Iron King,’ which grounded due to a steering malfunction in Port Hedland, Western Australia. From some 3000km away in Melbourne, OMC helps to quickly unblock Australia’s largest iron ore port, avoiding the loss of US $40 million of product per tide cycle!
  • June: New OMC office opens in Perth, WA.
  • March: OMC re-certified for ISO 9001:2000 Certification based on “the absence of grounding incident and copious positive feedback”



  • 40,000 sailings under DUKC® advice
  • First European DUKC® Installation (Lisbon)
  • DUKC® PPU (Portable Pilot Unit) operational – a World first
  • Development of DUKC® Series IV
  • In recognition of his pioneering role and experience in the field of UKCM, PIANC Maritime Committee (MARCOM) personally invites OMC Founder and Executive Director Dr Terry O’Brien to chair Working Group 54, tasked with producing the guidelines on the use of Hydro-Meteo data in real-time to optimise port access.



  • Third R&D grant awarded for development of Ground Warning System, later renamed DUKC® VTS
  • OMC invited to join the MarNIS project
  • Dr O’Brien invited to join Permanent International Association of Navigation Congress (PIANC) Working Group 49, tasked with producing new guidelines on channel design, as well as joining international body IALA (International Association of Marine Aids to Navigation and Lighthouse Authorities) as a regular contributor.



  • Development of DUKC® Series III
  • First DUKC® installation in NSW (Newcastle)
  • November: As part of a promotion for its grants scheme, AusIndustry showcases OMC’s second R&D project (Development of DUKC® Series IV and PPU) as an R&D success story.
  • March: OMC’s quality management system certified to ISO 9001:2000 Certification issued by Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance Ltd with reciprocal recognition by JAS-ANZ and UKAS



  • 30,000 sailings under DUKC® advice
  • Marsden Point in New Zealand is the first port to have DUKC® installed purely on safety grounds. The previous year, two super tankers were grounded within three months of each other in the channel leading to NZ’s only oil refinery. It was later shown that a DUKC® system would have prevented both these near environmental disasters because the system would have advised that these sailings not take place on those days due to inadequate UKC.
  • June: Ports Corporation of Queensland (PCQ) unveils a commemorative plaque at Hay Point, Queensland to celebrate 10 years of safe operation of OMC’s Hay Point DUKC® system – and also to celebrate the hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue this system has delivered to Hay Point port users.
  • OMC moves to third office purchased in Abbotsford – staff grew to 20


  • Second R&D grant awarded for development of PPU, the first ship-based system
  • June: The Victorian State Government showcases OMC as an innovative Victorian company in a promotional campaign for the State titled ‘Spotlight on Victoria – Think Melbourne, Australia for ICT’



  • OMC’s DUKC® system Runner-Up in the international 2002 Seatrade Awards ‘Innovation in Ship Operations’ category.



  • 20,000 sailings under DUKC® advice 
  • First DUKC® installation in New Zealand (Port Taranaki)
  • Peter O’Brien completes Master of Engineering Science in Hydraulic Engineering at Delft University, Holland and returns to OMC.



  • Development of DUKC® Series II
  • DUKC® system installed at Geraldton
  • OMC moves to second office in Abbotsford – staff grew to 15



  • 10,000 sailings under DUKC® advice
  • First R&D grant awarded for a Berth Warning System (BWS) and upgrade of DUKC® system to Series II



  • DUKC® system installed at Bunbury.



  • BHP commissions a DUKC® system at Port Hedland
  • DUKC® system is installed at Rio Tinto’s Dampier Port.
  • OMC moves to first office in Hawthorn – 5 staff.



  • DUKC® introduced into Western Australia (Fremantle) for BP tankers, then containers, with strong support from Captain Eric Atkinson, Australia’s longest-serving Harbour Master and 2012-2014 President of the International Harbour Masters Association (IHMA).
  • Dr O’Brien returns to his Melbourne home office and prepares for the introduction of DUKC® to other Australian ports.



  • First DUKC® Series 1 installation (at Hay Point, Queensland following strong support from Ports Corporation of Queensland) – this is the first operational Dynamic UKC System in the World.



  • Dr O’Brien moves to Brisbane to trial his ship motion model in preparation for his first DUKC® installation
  • His son Peter O’Brien spent his post-graduate year (B.E Civil Eng.Melb.) at OMC Brisbane and developed the Berth No.2 Mooring System for Dalrymple Bay.



  • After a distinguished 22-year academic career, Dr O’Brien leaves Melbourne University to commercialise his ship motion research to solve practical problems in the maritime industry and establishes OMC International – working from his home office in converted stables.