The Sailing solution is designed to start where the planning/scheduling process stops. It provides navigational advice and Under Keel Clearance (UKC) monitoring, accessible both on-board and on-shore.

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Passage Planner module

The Passage Planner module provides the navigator with powerful tools to plan the passage and manage UKC based on the operating conditions and constraints of the day. It takes the dynamic UKC advice from the planning/scheduling stage to the operational and navigational stage of a ship movement. It is designed to allow regulators to set up or modify a passage plan and deliver navigational UKC advice for a specific ship at a specific time. It includes:

  • Detailed UKC information for all locations along the ship’s planned route
  • Safe passing windows at predefined locations, such as shoals, bars and any other critical location
  • Printable (or email) Passage Plan report designed to take on board for master/pilot exchange or for navigation purposes

The Passage Planner module can be enhanced with the optional web-based Chart Overlay module to provide detailed spatial UKC information to the navigator before and during the transit. It is usually displayed on-board on a compatible Electronic Charting System but can also be on the web within the DUKC® portal.

Key features:

  • Turns planning advice of drafts and tidal windows into a passage plan tailored to the specific needs of the users
  • Full edit control over ship speeds at waypoints
  • Provides detailed information on tidal windows at critical locations along the planned route
  • Automatic passage plan updates based on the latest available met-ocean conditions
  • Alerting if planned sailing windows change (before sailing)

Typical questions the Passage Planner can answer:

  • Between what times do I need to pass each waypoint to safely transit the waterway?
  • Could this ship sail earlier if the speed is slowed?
  • What happens to the tidal window if the ship is sped up?

Target Users:

  • VTS Officers
  • Pilots


Passage Monitor – Shore module

The Passage Monitor – SHORE component provides real-time onshore monitoring of UKC of ships currently underway based on broadcast AIS positions.

The underlying value is that it allows users to assess UKC risks in real-time and deal with planned or unplanned deviations or problems that may arise.

Key features:

Multiple ships can be monitored simultaneously:

  • Detailed UKC graphs for each monitored ship
  • Monitored passages are all recorded and archived
  • Automatic passage plan updates based on latest broadcast AIS ship speeds and positions

Typical questions a Passage Monitor SHORE can answer:

  • What is the UKC of the ship right now?
  • The ship is travelling faster/slower than planned. Is there still enough clearance?
  • What speed is the ship travelling right now?

Likely Users:

  • VTS Officers
  • Pilots
  • Incident controllers


Passage Monitor – Ship module

The Passage Monitor – Ship component provides real-time on-board monitoring of UKC of a particular ship currently underway based on broadcast AIS or GPS positions.

The underlying benefit is that it allows the pilot to assess UKC risks in real-time and deal with planned or unplanned deviations or problems that may arise while on board the ship.

Key Features:

  • All functionality is accessible on board
  • Audit trail of passages
  • Optional integration with the Chart Overlay software.web-link to Chart Overlay

Likely Users:

  • Pilots
  • Ship’s Masters