The DUKC® System Admin solution provides a full range of system administration capabilities including system notifications and diagnostics, and full user account management.




System Notification module

The System Notification module notifies users of any important changes in the system such as changes to passage plans, Under Keel Clearance (UKC) breaches, passage plan deviations or sensor outages. This ensures that the user is always working from up-to-date information without necessarily being logged into the DUKC® system.

Notifications can be classified into categories of criticality i.e. ‘Warning’, ‘Critical’ or ‘Information only’ as determined in consultation with the customer. This ensures critical issues stand out and are not overlooked.

The System Notification module can be further customised so that only the relevant information is supplied to the right people at the right time.  For example, the Pilot will get notified of changes to the passage plan, whereas IT, for example, will be notified if disk space is getting full. The System Notification module is configured in consultation with all the stakeholders.

Key Features:

  • System event alerting:
    Email alerting and notification
    Optional SMS alerting and notification
  • System diagnostics
  • Service and hardware health monitoring
  • System health alerting
  • Distributions of critical UKC events (UKC breaches)
  • Detection of passage plan changes

Likely Users:

Pilots, VTSO’s, Administrators, Managers


System Health module

OMC recognises that the DUKC® is a mission critical system and is committed to keeping the system and critical data safe and uncompromised. Therefore, every DUKC® system will be installed with a System Health module.  This ensures that the system, the modules and hardware remain secure and healthy.

The System Health module monitors, identifies and diagnoses problems and sends alerts back to OMC (and client IT personnel if requested).  The System Health module monitors disk space usage, memory usage, CPU usage, controls virus infections and maintains data integrity by continuously backing up critical data. Installation of the System Health module is compulsory on all DUKC® systems.

Key Features:

  • System security and diagnostics
  • Service, hardware and system health monitoring


User Management module

The User Management module provides the customer with the option to control what functionality is available to which user.

This module provides the client administrator with control of who can do what in the system and also locks or removes accounts, preventing unauthorised usage and changes to sensitive information.

  • Provides secure access to the system
  • Enables control over permissions
  • Improves the usability of the DUKC® system by only showing relevant functions for each user

Likely Users:

Administrators, Managers