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OMC is the world’s only provider of independently validated and widely operational real-time under keel clearance technology, the proprietary Dynamic Under-keel Clearance System (DUKC®). DUKC® is the standard underkeel clearance management tool adopted by more than twenty ports within Australia and internationally, and is recognised as the leading UKC management system in the world.

In addition to DUKC®, the services and systems provided by OMC to our clients include:

  • Optimised channel dredging design and planning
  • Under-keel clearance studies
  • Horizontal navigation and vessel manoeuvrability studies
  • Fast time simulations using SimFlex4 from Force Technology
  • Full scale vessel motion measurement and analysis
  • Probabilistic analysis and risk assessments
  • Operational static UKC management (KeelCheck)
  • Measured & forecast environmental data displays (PortWeather)
  • Optimisation of Port throughput using our Dynamic Port Capacity Model
  • Mooring analysis – deep sea, CBM, conventional and suction pad mooring systems
  • Moored vessel motion and mooring line warning systems (BerthAlert)
  • Hydro/meteo analysis, modelling and forecasting
  • Hydro/meteo data processing and quality assurance