Experience quantified

Experience quantified

In pilotage, experience counts. Every day, on every job, there is valuable experience being built and enhanced. Imagine if you could share that experience with others, and learn from their experience too. Learn more from your own experience, in fact.

A database of experience

TransitAnalyst takes the data relevant to, and produced by pilots: AIS, PPU and environmental data and hands it back to them in a searchable form. Interested in how car carriers approach the berth in strong SW winds? No problem, just search and filter the experience in your port.

Shared Experience

TransitAnalyst is a world first - it puts the power of Big Data in the hands of pilots and pilotage providers in a format they can immediately understand and use to grow and improve their business. We firmly believe that one day every pilotage service will rely on a TransitAnalyst to help take their data and turn it into shared experience.

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