Balancing safety, economics & environmental concerns

Balancing safety, economics
& environmental concerns

DUKC® Channel Design & Optimisation Capability

OMC’s cutting edge DUKC® technology can be used to minimise dredging volumes and thereby minimise both the capital and maintenance costs of dredging operations and the environmental impacts associated with these operations.

Millions of dollars in extra costs and possible environmental damage have been saved by the conjunctive use of DUKC® optimised dredging and a DUKC® operational system.

Where DUKC® technology is installed, the UKC requirements of each section of a channel transit can be quantified. This information can then be used to create the channel depth profile which optimally matches the specified channel access criteria. Increased allowable sailing drafts and tidal windows are delivered at a greatly reduced dredging cost and with minimum possible environmental effects.

Traditional channel design based upon assumptions of static UKC requirements results in unnecessary dredging and a channel profile that does not match operational requirements.

OMC waterway design engineers are world leaders in the development and implementation of channel design and depth optimisation technology. Our unique understanding of port operations, statistical modelling techniques and UKC analysis enables us to present an accurate picture of cost-benefit to the client. Our optimisation methods enable dredging to be  targeted, ensuring maximum return on investment and minimum environmental impact.