Sail deeper, safer, smarter

Greater depth to your decision making

Since 1993, ports and waterways large and small have planned and sailed ships using DUKC® systems. In over 20 years DUKC® clients have sailed over 145,000 transits without a grounding incident and more than $15 Billion of extra cargo has been delivered.

From its origins as a stand-alone desktop PC program DUKC® has matured to become a modular
web-based service which can be tailored to any client’s needs.

Control your risk

Growth should never come at the expense of safety. If you are concerned about the risk of grounding under your traditional under-keel clearance rule, then a switch to a DUKC® system will remove the unknowns in your existing operations.

Don’t leave revenue tied up on shore

Traditional static under-keel clearance rules must always allow for worst case conditions. A dynamic DUKC® system is an investment in technology proven to maximise the efficiency of waterways. Equip your port with DUKC® and safely ship more than ever before.

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