Timaru berth design

PrimePort Timaru are investigating the feasibility of constructing a new berth in Evans Bay, outside the relative shelter of the inner harbour (see map link). As the proposed berth will be more exposed to waves and long-wave surge than the existing berths at the port, PrimePort engaged MetOcean Solutions and OMC International to perform an integrated berth design and downtime study.

To perform the study, MetOcean Solutions used state-of-the-art phase-resolving wave modelling to generate a database of a 10-year hindcast of swell and infragravity long-wave conditions at the proposed berth location, while OMC used in-house mooring software and experience in moored vessel motion analysis. Together, the two companies delivered to PrimePort an estimate of the expected downtime for a range of vessels, including bulk carriers and cruise vessels. At the request of PrimePort, OMC also provided recommendations around wharf length and fendering capacity.

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