Dynamic UKC overlays on Trelleborg SafePilot PPUs

A recent collaboration with Trelleborg means that is now possible to view dynamic under keel clearance information in real time within Trelleborg SafePilot. The overlay highlights areas that are unsafe for a ship to navigate through. The overlay differs from traditional go/no-go displays with Electronic Chart Systems (ECSs) because it not only conveys whether it is safe to transit a particular area now, but it also predicts, before the transit, whether it will be safe when a ship reaches a particular area.

The overlay complements Trelleborg’s CAT MAX PPU solution, which includes a built-in 3-axis (6-DOF) motion sensor that can be used for real-time UKC. This sensor offers precise and independent rate of turn, roll, and pitch, allowing for accurate predictions when doing turns and navigating in confined waters.

Dynamic Under Keel Clearance information overlayed onto Trelleborg’s CAT MAX PPU.

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