PIANC mentor program

OMC is an active member of PIANC, supporting our employees to volunteer across various positions including on the Board, Regional Chapters and Young Professionals.

PIANC, which historically stood for the Permanent International Association of Navigational Congresses but is now generally known as the World Association for Waterborne Transport Infrastructure, is an important organisation in the development of technical guidance in the fields of navigation and port infrastructure. Primarily, PIANC’s mission is the publication of high-quality Technical Reports realised by international Working Groups. The Working Groups are typically comprised of participants from multiple member countries, recognised as experts in the issue being investigated. Their objective is to gather, analyse, and consolidate international, state-of-the-art, best practice material to provide evidence-based guidance on technical issues. OMC is proud to have had members both participate in and chair Working Groups, including those responsible for the publications:

  • PIANC Report n° 117 – 2012 Use of HydroMeteo Information for Port Access and Operations
  • PIANC Report n° 121 – 2014 Harbour Approach Channels Design Guidelines

Last year, PIANC introduced its Mentor Program, which is continuing now into its second year. Recognising the importance of both learning from, and contributing to, the wider maritime industry, OMC is excited to have six participants in the program, three as Mentors and three as Mentees. Peter O’Brien, OMC’s CEO is one of the Mentors and offers his view on the importance of mentoring:

“As a young engineer I was fortunate to receive excellent mentoring from experienced engineers that was invaluable at the time and I still to this day reflect on how important this was in shaping my career path.  Now having worked as an engineer for now over 30 years, I would like to offer the same to engineers embarking on their journey. To me this is a critical role for senior engineers to undertake.”

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