TransitAnalyst: the latest OMC product to help with pilotage

TransitAnalyst gives ports and pilots access to tools that filter, visualise and analyse past transits.

TransitAnalyst is an exciting new product designed to help ports and pilots improve safety and efficiency in the world of “Big Data”. It does this by automatically compiling a database of past pilotage jobs (or “transits”) and providing a powerful set of tools to filter, visualize, and analyse these transits. This is work that OMC has frequently been asked to perform for clients, however TransitAnalyst is designed to be so simple to use that pilots and pilotage managers will be able to perform these types of investigations themselves, with just a few clicks of a mouse.

TransitAnalyst records AIS and PPU log file data for each transit, along with environmental conditions and pilot comments. Automated logic running in the cloud performs analysis and tagging of transits, allowing very specific sets of transits to be retrieved, such as “Container vessels greater than 280m LOA inbound to berth 5 when wind is stronger than 25 knots from the SW”. Resulting vessel tracks can then be overlaid and trends and outliers easily identified.

Application of TransitAnalyst includes training junior pilots, self-review, peer review, development and monitoring of Standard Operating Procedures, planning for upcoming jobs under marginal conditions, and proactive identification of pilotage risks and potential efficiency improvements.

Perhaps most important of all, introduction of TransitAnalyst will help promote and support a positive safety culture in pilotage organisations through encouraging open discussion of safety related issues, based on a shared clear view of objective facts.

If your pilotage organisation aims to make better-informed, evidence based, pilotage decisions then contact OMC to enquire about joining our group of early adopters of this exciting new product.

TransitAnalyst: Helping ports and pilots navigate the age of Big Data.

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