Port Botany breaking records since DUKC® installation

Since becoming operational in Port Botany in July of this year, the DUKC® system has consistently helped the port and its clients reach new depths and break records. This becomes the third DUKC® system for New South Wales Port Authority, with Port Kembla and Newcastle being operational for 16 years and 13 years, respectively. With pilots overseeing over 4,500 vessels out of the three ports each year, the DUKC® system not only provides essential safety for both vessels and the environment, but also increases operational efficiencies for the ports.

Port Botany Harbour Master, Myron Fernandes, stated that “when you consider the size of these vessels and that, like an iceberg, there is an enormous dimension laying under the water, it is essential Marine Pilots have access to the best technology and a comprehensive range of specific information and data.”

Back in October, MSC Asya was able to call at Port Botany with a record-breaking displacement of 140,252 tonnes and a draft of 14.8m. The previous maximum allowable draft at the port was 14.6m, making MSC Asya not only the deepest draft containership to berth at Port Botany but reportedly, in all of Australia.

“Through this recent achievement, the Port Authority of NSW has managed to showcase greater efficiency and capacity outcomes at the port without the need for significant changes in infrastructure,” Mr Fernandes said.

Containerships have not been the only vessels to benefit from the DUKC® system either, with OMC working closely with Ampol to facilitate deeper tankers into the port. Shortly after MSC Asya, the STI Condotti was able to arrive into the port with a draft of 14.7m, making her the deepest tanker to have transited into the port. This is understood to have exceeded the previous draft by 50cm, equating to approximately 4,500 tonnes of additional cargo.

By working closely with the port, OMC is able to deliver accurate data that ensures the safe transit of bigger and deeper vessels.

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