"Use of the DUKC® system removes "personal estimates of safety" by providing masters and pilots with accurate information regarding the maintenance of a safe under keel clearance for a planned transit of the Port Phillip Bay channels in Victoria, Australia." The Hon Luke Donnellan MP, Minister for Ports. 2016 Download the full statement.


“OMC’s willingness to listen to their customers ... as well as seeking innovative solutions ... has allowed them to grow and develop into an internationally recognised leader in their field.” Captain Lindsay Copeman, Harbour Master, Port Hedland Port Authority, 2009


“DUKC® is providing accurate and reliable data which provides increased levels of safety within the ports. The Ports of Hay Point and Weipa are inherently different but in both ports substantial benefits are provided both economically (increased drafts, wider sailing windows) and in improved safety/risk management. In NQBP’s opinion and experience the OMC DUKC® is the only proven system of its kind available within Australia. It was for this reason that when a decision was made in 2009 to install a DUKC® system in Weipa the OMC system was chosen.” Brad Fish, CEO, North Queensland Bulk Ports Corporation (NQBP) 2013.


“The Port chose to install a DUKC® System as a result of two groundings of tankers entering the entrance in 2003. It provides a ‘go’, ‘no go’ report which takes the guess work out.” T.Greig, North Tugz, Marsden Point, NZ, 2009


"Port of Melbourne Corporation elected to install the DUKC® system for more accurate predictions of under keel clearance thereby enhancing the safety of navigation and mitigating the risk of a touch bottom probability within the port of Melbourne channels.” Keith Gordon, Executive General Manager of Port Operations, Port of Melbourne, 2009


“Administracao do porto de Lisboa chose the DUKC® system because .... confidence of operators, shipowners, masters and pilots results in an increase in safety and competitive argument.” Natercia Magalhaes Cabral, President of the Port of Lisbon, 2009


“Use of the DUKC® system removes ‘personal estimates of safety’ by providing ship’s masters and pilots with accurate information regarding the maintenance of a safe under keel clearance for a planned transit of the Harbour approach channel.” Ian Niblock, Regional Harbour Master, Northland Regional Council NZ, 2009.


“Port Kembla is exposed at times, particularly during the winter months, to high swell events. Port Kembla Port Corporation have implemented DUKC® primarily as a risk management tool which has markedly enhanced the safety of the Port through a proven scientific methodology to improve the decision making process for sailings of large vessels.” D Figliomenio, Chief Executive Officer, Port Kembla Port Corporation, 2009.


“Rio Tinto is very familiar with their DUKC® system and its workings and have integrated the DUKC® System into its risk management strategies as a critical safety tool” Peter Mannion, Marine Operations, Rio Tinto, 2009.


“DUKC® had obvious benefits in reducing the likelihood of a significant environmental event within the Great Barrier Reef.” John Mickel, Queensland Transport Minister, June, 2008.