Technical Papers

Below are a selection of recent technical papers that have been  published and presented by OMC engineers at various international conferences.

Coasts & Ports 2021

A Methodology to Design a Rational Static Underkeel Clearance Rule for Dredging and Port Operations

Coasts & Ports 2019

An investigation of bank effects by means of vessel track analysis

Coasts & Ports 2019

Berth to berth voyage schedule optimisation – a Torres Strait case study

PIANC 2018

An Integrated Approach to Port Planning, Operations & Risk Management Through Technology

Coasts & Ports 2017

Channel Optimisation and Risk Management Through Technology at the end of the World's Largest Bulk Export Port

Coasts & Ports 2017

Connecting Sea Level Forecasts with the Bulk Export Industry

Coasts & Ports 2017

Real-time Quality Control Experiences using QARTOD in Australian Ports

Coasts & Ports 2017

The impact of met-ocean forecasts on exports on export shipping operations on the North-West Shelf of Australia

PIANC 2017

Improving Navigational Safety and Port Efficiency

IAME 2016

The value of a centimetre - improving shipping effeciencies through underkeel clearance management technology

IHMA 2016

Use of Dynamic Under-Keel Clearance (DUKC®) Technology on the St Lawrence River

Coasts & Ports 2015

Ensemble turning-point water level predictions for uncertainty estimation for short-horizon planning and risk assessment

IALA-ASIM Conference 2014

Enhanced Safety Through the use of Real-time Dynamic Chart Overlays

Coasts & Ports 2013

Measuring vessel motions using a rapid-deployment device on ships of opportunity

Coasts & Ports 2013

Under-keel Clearance at the Columbia River Bar

IHMA 2012

Use of web-based decision support technology for in-transit under keel clearance management

IHMA 2010

The Implementation and Commissioning of DUKC® in Transit at the Port of Melbourne

PIANC 2010

El Mejoramiento de la Seguridad de la Navegacíon

Nautical Aspects of Ship Dynamics 2009

Squat Modelling for Operational Underkeel Clearance Systems